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Immediately after the start of the war in Ukraine our foundation started organizing humanitarian aid for the civilians. We’ve been fast and precise delivering food, medicines, clothing, cleaning products based on the requests directly from Ukrainian communities. We equip paramedics and doctors in Ukraine to help them save the lives of civilians

We receive donations and goods from European countries as well as the United States. Our logistics center in Warsaw receives donated goods, provides sorting and packing and sends it out to the places of destination. We have already sent more than 6000 pallets of humanitarian aid. Our team of volunteers works 24/7.

If you would like to support us, donate:

Polish Bank: Alior Bank SA

Pls specify: “For the kids in Ukraine”

We document each purchase and send our supporters pictures.

We support Ukrainian refugees in Poland:

Hostel Wawrzyszew in Warsaw used to host Ukrainian men coming to work in Poland. While they are back in Ukraine fighting for their country, we turned the hostel into a free-of-charge refugee center with 100 beds for mothers with small children.

We provide women and children with clothing, food, medicine and legal assistance. We offer medical and psychological assistance and child care. Our volunteers make sure the kids are well taken care of and offer toys and games and activities. Some of the kids have already joined Polish schools.

The Hostel works 24/7. We don’t turn anyone away.

We also provide supplies to other hostels for Ukrainians near Warsaw. Our volunteers offer assistance and supplies to Ukrainian refugees hosted by local families in Warsaw.

We offer assistance in finding further connections of travel, eg. to Germany, Denmark, Spain.

While we operate in Warsaw and Ukraine, we get extra support from our friends in North Germany and all over the Europe. They organize donations and goods to the mothers and kids and promote the initiative in their local newspapers, TV news and social media.

The Hope Bridge for Ukraine infographics